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The Almshouses: sharing solar power

William Lunn’s Homes have been a community haven since 1654, when he left in his will two houses as almshouses for six poor widows. His legacy continues today, with the Almshouses now a prospering and caring community of 13 homes occupied by the elderly and disadvantaged.


On the announcement by Marks & Spencers of a Community Energy Competition, Low Carbon Lichfield approached Lichfield Municipal Charities – the Almshouses’ trustees – to check their interest in us putting together a bid to help the residents to save energy.

With the support of the trustees we designed an innovative proposal for solar power. Having been shortlisted from over 246 entries, we went on to win the Central West regional prize.

With the prize money we, with a local installer, shall fit Solar PV panels on to the roof of a section of the Almshouses. The power will be managed by a highly innovative Tamworth-designed and -manufactured energy management system that will automatically monitor and share the energy between four homes.

The data provided by the system will also allow us to show residents how they are using the power and how to maximise the use and savings. With many at home all day and spending up to 22% of their income on energy, these savings will make a big difference to their lives.


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Free film screening Wed 25 November – What Would Jesus Buy?

Join Low Carbon Lichfield on Wednesday 25 November at 8pm at the George IV pub, Bore St, Lichfield, WS13 6LU for a fabulous film screening of a most musical Christmas documentary.

Please let us know you’re coming using the Facebook event or Eventbrite.

What Would Jesus Buy? follows performance activist Reverend Billy and his Church of Stop Shopping Gospel Choir, across the shopping malls of America in the run-up to Christmas.

Their mission: to make themselves and their message of goodwill heard over the sound of cash registers and over-consumption.

WWJB? is a rousing, irreverent and simultaneously sobering documentary about the year round destructive shopaholic obsession that spins out of control by the time Christmas rolls around.

Afterwards, there will be an opportunity to discuss the film and the issues it raises informally over a drink.

You can watch a taster of the film in the trailer below.

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Film screening and AGM Thursday 21 May – Bikes Vs Cars

Bikes Vs Cars

Join Low Carbon Lichfield for a stimulating informal evening around our AGM.

Following a quick meeting, the main event starts at 8pm: the first UK community screening of the new eco-documentary Bikes vs Cars (90 mins). Bikes vs Cars dramatises an aspect of the continuing global crisis that we at LoCaL know we need never to stop talking about: transport.

This will be followed by a ‘blind’ pork pie tasting, the reason for which we shall explain on the night !

When: 7.30pm, Thursday 21 May 2015

Where: George IV pub, 34 Bore Street, Lichfield, WS13 6LU.

Do come along for an evening of visual, thought-provoking and gastronomic entertainment ! Friends and family welcome.

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Channel your inner womble at Christmas

Phiippa Birch shares her ideas for home-made Christmas decorations.


It is that time of year again, at least it is for me. Ignoring the bombardment of festive adverts and overstuffed seasonal aisles since October, December means it is officially the countdown to Christmas.

Do not despair if your house is looking bare.

Myself and my other half have recently purchased our first home together and we don’t have enough furniture to fill it let alone ornaments to drape all over it and since we will be at my parental home this Christmas we felt a tree would be wasteful (I prefer natural over artificial – if you can’t decide here is a useful article to read).

I resulted to a forage in the garden for inspiration. Luckily, we have a bit of a log pile situation following a garden tidy on a arrival to our new abode so I rescued a branch from the heap to beautify.

Avoiding a mad rush to the shops for your run-of-the-mill bauble set to decorate the branch I decided to pander to my inner Womble and turn some waste into wonderment following the tutorial below…


What you will need:

· SCISSORS (nice and sharp)

· WHITE YARN; unfortunately 100% wool yarn will not do for this project as it lacks the ‘fluffiness’ and has too much rigidity (believe me I am always more in favour of the natural but I tried and failed). See if you can find some synthetic yarn offcuts at home or look for leftovers on ebay like I did.

· FORK; yes a fork, simple as that.

Now watch this tutorial…once you do it a couple of times you will be churning them out.

Another tutorial which I frequently use during the Christmas period is this one below to create origami stars. These are brilliant and completely recyclable as no glue is involved. I use them as decoration and as present toppers.


What you will need:

· PAPER; I actually think newspaper looks great, otherwise I use single sided scrap paper from work.



Now watch this tutorial…similarly to the first project it becomes muscle memory after a few stars.

Origami stars

Origami star with sustainable wrapping: newspaper and ribbon of an old vhs tape which is currently not recyclable – you will need to have an open minded family!

If you are interested in these sort of crafts or have your own that you would like to share please come along to one of our socials, we would love to meet you.

Join our facebook group and meet up group for information on the next event.

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